Interior Detail

Our interior details will make your dirty, stained vehicle look like it just came off the showroom floor. Our specialists cover every inch of the vehicle, from the door jams to the minuscule cracks and crevices.

What’s included in our interior detail?

  • Shampoo and refresh all carpets, floor mats, and seats
  • Remove dirt and stains from headliner
  • Detail all cracks, crevices, and panels using compressed air and specially-formulated cleaners
  • Clean windows, mirrors, and sunroof with streak-free glass cleaners
  • Freshen and rejuvenate leather seats
  • Finish with a streak free dressing to protect the interior surfaces

Exterior Detail

Exterior details are vital for keeping your vehicles paint protected from the sun and other harsh elements. Our details not only look good, but improve your paints glossy finish and protect it for years to come. Call us today to compare different Exterior packages!

We do everything from Carnauba wax for protection to complete three stage paint correction!

  • Complete hand wash to remove top layer dirt and grime
  • Thorough clay bar to remove micro contaminants
  • Remove brake dust, rail dust, bugs, and tar
  • Proper cleaning of tires, wheel wells, and wheels
  • Complete engine bay cleaning
  • Wash windows, mirrors, and sunroof with streak free glass cleaner
  • Treat tires, trim, and engine bay with exterior dressing
  • Apply durable carnauba wax with dual action orbital polisher
  • Clean and shine exhaust tips

Suntek Film

Suntek Film is an innovative, low surface energy top coat. The film increases stain resistance and product longevity by limiting water and dirt accumulation on the film’s surface! It is just like a screen protector for your paint!

Get your car protected for years to come with zero chance of swirl marks and scratches!

  • Protect against damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris
  • Self-healing film uses the heat of the sun and your engine to repair itself
  • Offers outstanding durability and optical clarity
  • Available in high-gloss and matte finish
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s ten-year limited warranty

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