Shrink Wrapping and Winterization Services

Caring for your boat through the freezing winter temps is just as important as caring for it in the summer months.

Get your boat properly winterized by us hassle free!

  • Winterization of all marine systems
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Grease engine fittings
  • Engine oil service
  • Gear oil service
  • Light service

Interior Detail

Want to make your boat look brand new again? Our specialists go over every inch of the interior, making sure there are no mildew or other harmful molds. We ensure that the interior 100% spotless, like it just came off of the show room floor!

  • Hand wash interior including seats, floor, compartments, and dash
  • Shampoo and refresh carpets
  • Clean/degrease interior with marine grade cleaner
  • Replenish leather seats with professional cleaners and conditioners
  • Detail all compartments and crevices using specially formulated cleaners
  • Clean all glass in & out to a streak free shine
  • Wax interior gel coat to protect from harmful UV rays

Exterior Detail

Increase your boats shine with a complete exterior detail. Using special marine cleaners and wax, you gel coat will be shining and protected against the harsh summer elements!

  • Wash with special marine-grade soap and degreasers
  • Remove any gel coat stains and watermarks in preparation for wax/sealant
  • Wax & seal gel coat to protect from harmful UV rays
  • Clean all glass inside & out
  • Finish with a cockpit wipe down

Gel Coat Restoration

Is your boats gel coat fading and losing its shine? This oxidation is due to strong UV light over a long period of time. We bring your gel coat back to life by removing the top layer of damaged material, exposing new untouched gel coat underneath. We then protect the surface with a professional sealant/ceramic coat to ensure a long lasting shine!

  • Wet sand to get rid of all chalk looking gel coat and dead gel coat
  • Buff with high speed buffer & compound to make the new sanded gel coat look & shine like new
  • Seal or Ceramic coat to protect from fading and the the suns UV rays